Wake up

Ever wake up in the morning and your hair looks like two monkeys jacked off in it, and you wonder if that's all they did? Then you throw back the covers, drop your feet to the cold floor and get the feeling that the dream about bull riding in the buff you had last night... Continue Reading →

Recycle or Garbage

To recycle or pitch in the garbage. That is the question. Does everyone have that question? Is it only me? I walk through the house with something in my hand mentally going over the list I got six months ago about what could and could not be put in the recycle bin. I carry guilt... Continue Reading →


  “Okay, this soup is easy. First you blanch a couple of rutabagas, and then pulp them…” “Whoa, whoa, blanch a what?” “Rutabaga.” “Uh huh, and where will I get a rutabaga? Since we’re making soup, I gotta assume I’m not going to find said rutabaga in the paint department of my local Home Desput.”... Continue Reading →

Year of the songdog

No Mercy Year of the songdog   The hot blood will wet my lips, so sweet, so metallic, so butter rich. My eyes move slowly across the frozen ground while not another hair of me moves. I must have this Jack. I need her blood, her bones, even her scream. I need it all. My... Continue Reading →

Mayfly resolution

It's agony being a resolution. Look at it from a resolution's point of view. I did not want to be a New Years resolution. I started out happy as a Mayfly written out on paper as a bold call to action: a, promise to self and universe. My list-maker is a good enough chap with... Continue Reading →

5 words

  See how others see you and how you see them with: 5 WORDS that describe friends and family members alike  Try it. It’s fun. Here are 5 questions. Pick any friend or family member. Answer each question with one word. Pass your answers around and see if people recognize themselves. check out the results.... Continue Reading →


Dondo   Dondo was not your normal nanny, but then, this was not your normal family either. Who says a jackass penguin, or black-footed Penguin, as they're called in polite company, cannot be a nanny for a three-year old. Especially, Bindy, a child who spent more time in the ocean than most three-year olds spend... Continue Reading →


"How'd you get that scar in your eyebrow." the nurse asked as she wound the blood pressure cuff around my left arm. for the fourth time in two weeks. I'd come in on the tail of The CT scan that...


What if Archie of the old comics turned into a tax accountant, and he married and later divorced Veronica? What if, after two years, he divorced her because she had ultra bad breath and she refused to use breath mints because she read somewhere that they destroyed tooth enamel...

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